Approved HDCP 2.2 on MHL Authorized Test Tool

DCP, LLC is pleased to announce the approval of the Simplay Labs SL-8800 with M3X Adaptor as an Authorized Test Tool for HDCP compliance testing. The SL-8800 with M3X Adaptor has been demonstrated on MHL Source and Sink devices to accurately test to the HDCP 2.2 on MHL Compliance Test Specification.  Approval of this tool gives Adopters a new option for testing and debugging products. As the first HDCP 2.2 on MHL approved Authorized Test Tool, the SL-8800 with M3X Adaptor will be used by the HDCP Authorized Test Centers for conducting HDCP Compliance Testing.  The DCP, LLC-approved software release version is tracked on the Compliance page.  For more information about the SL-8800, contact the Simplay Labs distributor, Vprime LLC.