Miracast Testing Facilities

In order to arrange for testing, contact one of the facilities listed below. For testing you must complete the "HDCP 2.2 on Miracast Test Application and Product Capability for ATC Form" and send it to the selected Authorized Testing Center (ATC).

Hosted by VTM, Inc.
3855 S.W. 153rd Drive,
Beaverton, Oregon, USA, 97006
Email: hdcplab@vtm-inc.com

Allion Labs, Inc.
9F, No. 3-1, Yuan Ku Street
Taipei, Taiwan 11503, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-2-2655-7877
Fax: +886-2-2655-7879
Email: service@allion.com
Website: www.allion.com

Simplay Labs - USA
160 Rio Robles

San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: +1 408-434-6740

Email: admin@simplaylabs.com

Website: www.simplaylabs.com

Simplay Labs China-Shanghai
HDMI Authorized Testing Center
Building 6, lll-4, Business Park,
No. 1036 Tianlin Road,
Minhang District,
Shanghai, 200233, China
Phone: 86-21-61265111, 86-21-61265333
Email: shanghai-atc@simplaylabs.com
Website: simplaylabs.com

Simplay Labs China-Shenzhen
HDMI Authorized Testing Center
Room E, 25/Floor, Noble Center, No. 1006
3rd Fuzhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 518026
Email: shenzhen-atc@simplaylabs.com
Website: shenzhen.hdmi-atc.com

Simplay Labs Taiwan
Hosted by Integrated Service Technology, Inc.
HDMI Authorized Testing Center
1F, No.19, Puding Rd.,
Hsin-chu 30072, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:+866-3-579-9909 #2685
Fax: 866-3-563-4868
Email: taiwan-atc@istgroup.com
Website: www.hdmiatc-taiwan.com