DCP, LLC Approves Unigraf VTG-5225 & DPT-200 as Authorized Test Tool

DCP, LLC is pleased to announce the approval of the Unigraf VTG-5225 and DPT-200 as Authorized Test Tools for HDCP compliance testing. The VTG-5225 and DPT-200 have been demonstrated on DisplayPort Sink devices to accurately test to the HDCP DisplayPort CTS.  Approval of these tools gives adopters a new option for testing and debugging products. As the first approved test tools, the VTG-5225 and DPT-200 will be used by the HDCP Authorized Test Centers for conducting HDCP Compliance Testing.  The DCP, LLC-approved software release version is tracked on the compliance page.  For additional information about the VTG-5225 or DPT-200, contact Unigraf directly.  For more information about Authorized Test Centers, please visit the Compliance page